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Precision cutting machine

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A multi-function cutting machine for amorphous/nanocrystalline/silicon steel

Magnetic ring is commonly used in electronic circuits anti-jamming components, widely used in a variety of electrical appliances. Magnetic ring in accordance with the different materials are divided into amorphous magnetic ring, silicon steel ring, ferrite magnetic ring and so on. At present, the electrical industry is moving in the direction of high-quality development, the requirements of the magnetic ring is also getting higher and higher, many companies have asked the magnetic ring not only shows the formation, but also cut the mirror effect. This requires the magnetic ring manufacturers to use precision cutting equipment to improve production technology and improve product quality.

   At present, most of the cutting equipment of the cutting enterprise is a simple equipment which is modified by the grinder and the milling machine. This level of cutting equipment has not been able to achieve the desired cutting effect, and it is generally necessary to carry out secondary processing. The production efficiency of enterprises, increased production costs. In order to get rid of this situation, to promote the cutting enterprise industrial upgrading, as the "precision cutting technology" leader of the Oufu Fu (AUTOFOR) energy-saving technology, in 2015 began to develop precision cutting equipment, through a years of continuous exploration, Husband finally "wisdom to create" a professional multi-functional core cutting machine, will be widely used in amorphous, silicon steel, nanocrystalline, ferrite and other core material cutting. Alto Fu core special cutting machine will work together with the Otici ultra-thin resin cutting tablets and Alto Fu special cutting fluid for the precision cutting process to bring a leap-style upgrade.

   Alto Fu core dedicated cutting machine is a high-end multi-purpose special cutting machine. In order to achieve the purpose of cutting stability, at the cost of building 400KG around the "stupid" spindle base design, all of its configuration and electrical components, are used in Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries of the original imported products, some parts China is the top of the company is the first application, to ensure that all accessories in the performance, quality and service life is always at the same level.

   Not only that, the Austrian Tuofu in the current version of the core cutting machine also used a number of independent research and development of patented products:

    1, the industry's first "universal cutting platform" patent, X, Y, Z three-axis movement using the industry's first wireless remote control technology, this platform is suitable for a variety of fixture. Can achieve a variety of customer specifications of the product cutting. Especially the platform lifting function, the wheel cutting utilization to achieve maximum, dedicated to customers to reduce cutting costs.

    2, the use of its patent "cutting fluid green recycling cycle filtration system", according to the physical water cycle process, together with the magnetic separator, etc., step by step, step by step to remove the circulating cooling water debris, abrasive, abrasive, impurities , Can achieve the "micron level" impurity filtration to ensure that each time the pumping fluid is always clean, environmentally friendly, and truly do not replace the cutting fluid, no emissions, 100% utilization for customer cost utilization to achieve extreme, because its There is no impurity in the cutting process, in order to achieve cutting mirror effect.

    3, the use of the original "low temperature cooling system" patent to ensure that all the work in the cutting work in the set temperature range, not with the spring and summer autumn and winter seasonal environmental temperature changes, working conditions are consistent, cut out the quality of the workpiece The highest quality, and further enhance the quality of cutting ports, but also to ensure that the "core core wheel cutting disc" in the high-speed high-temperature cutting environment cooling and prolong the service life, once again for customers to reduce cutting costs.

    4, the use of the original "efficient fixture" patent, to avoid the traditional screw clamping waste of time, "a push a folder" really achieved a second clip. With the universal platform to enhance the efficiency of industrial cutting, and promote industrial upgrading.

    Now Orov, not only "precision cutting technology" pilot and "ultra-thin resin cutting film" focus, but also "precision cutting equipment," the intellectuals and "special cutting fluid" custom, the future more Will be the provider of precision cutting program system because, Ou Tufu, not only "smart"