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Business Director

Job description:
1, according to the overall development strategy of the company, formulate reasonable marketing strategy, plan and organize implementation;
2, responsible for the decomposition of annual performance indicators, monthly / quarterly report to the general manager performance completion;
3, lead the team to develop channels and channel maintenance, ensure the smooth progress of channel sales;
4, timely collect market sales information and competitor dynamics, put forward rationalization proposals and optimization strategy to the company;
5, responsible for the sales team building and management, standardize the sales process, lead the team to achieve the expected sales target;
6, responsible for organizing internal training, assessment, evaluation, incentive.

1,college degree or above, above 30 years old, more than two years of experience in the same position;
2, a wealth of customer resources and contacts, outstanding performance;
3. Excellent negotiation skills, ability to analyze and solve problems;
4, with excellent market development ability, and is good at building super execution team;
5. High level of enthusiasm and ability to accomplish tasks well under pressure.
6, rigorous work, strong dedication, strong work plan, and strategic forward-looking thinking.

Service Engineer

Job description:
1, according to the company's sales plan to complete the personal sales target.
2. Responsible for the promotion of company products in designated areas and areas.
3, to maximize the sales growth and market share of the company's products.
4, responsible for the maintenance and development of industry users and development.

5, well behaved industriousness and stamina.

1, under 35 years old, marketing related professional priority, college degree or above.
2, have certain organization, coordination ability, have strong enterprising spirit.
3. Strong communication and coordination ability.

Mechanical Engineer

Job description:
1 、 mechanical design, mechanical and electrical integration related professional, college degree or above;
2. Familiar with all kinds of mechanical structure, pneumatic principle, automatic control equipment principle;
3, have strong practical ability, study spirit and learning ability, with non-standard equipment design ability;
4, skilled use of CAD, SolidWorks software and office software;
5 、 independent working ability and good cooperation spirit, strong communication ability and team spirit;

6, well behaved industriousness and stamina.

1. Participate in and lead the design of over mature products.
2. The experience of the transmission module design, independent and leading development and design of the whole machine
3, master the strict product development process of large enterprises
4 、 drawing engineering drawing according to GDT standard
5. Be able to build surface, familiar with industrial design process and a certain aesthetic quality
6, skilled use of at least one CAD, PRO/E, SolidWorks, CATIA and other 3D software, will use the finite element (ANASYS) for stress and deformation analysis
7. Experience in process design of large enterprises, familiar with parts processing and assembly process, familiar with sheet metal and die structure
8, familiar with metal materials, reasonable choice of product materials
9. Good communication skills and team work spirit

Assembly engineer

Job description:
1, 22-45 years old, college degree or above, mechanical, mechanical and electrical related professional priority;

2. Understanding of machining process, and working experience in mechanical assembly process.

3 、 fixture design experience, and good communication and coordination ability;

4, well behaved industriousness and stamina.

1. Technical secondary school or above, mechanical and electrical integration or mechanical, mechanic and other related professional;
2 、 more than 2 years of mechanical or electrical assembly work experience, foreign enterprise related job experience is preferred;
3. Familiar with mechanical and electrical product design specifications, familiar with all kinds of mechanical and electrical system assembly standards;


Job description:
1, responsible for the company's procurement, including: inquiry, parity, signed the procurement contract, acceptance, evaluation and feedback summary work;
2. Investigate, analyze and evaluate target markets and determine the timing of demand and procurement;
3, improve the company's purchasing system, formulate and optimize the procurement process, control the quality and cost of procurement;
4, organization to supplier assessment, certification, management and assessment;
5, timely coordination of procurement materials, production, customer service process arising from the supply and quality problems;
Job requirements:
1, above 25 years old, male or female, college degree or above, more than 1 years work experience in this position;
2. Familiar with the purchasing process, familiar with supplier evaluation, assessment, familiar with the relevant quality system standards;
3, skilled computer operation, familiar with the use of office software;
4, good coordination and communication ability, work enthusiasm, initiative, enthusiasm, strong sense of responsibility, clear thinking, work fast, dependably.

Net sales engineer

Job description:

1. College degree or above;

2, more than two years of network promotion, network marketing experience;

3, Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall, Baidu and other sales work experience;

4, writing product soft Wen skilled;

5. Keywords collection;

6, the official website, third party platform to promote skilled;

Foreign trade salesman

Job description:
1. Have foreign trade sales experience, foreign language proficiency
2. Communicate fluently with foreign guests in fluent English
3. Proficient in backstage operation of Alibaba
4, skilled operation of Skype and MSN, QQ and other 3 chat systems

Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, with foreign trade industry work experience for more than one year; at the same time welcome outstanding graduating students, provide training;

2. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing (welcome to other small language foreign trade personnel), have enough foreign trade knowledge and ability to deal with;

3. Be earnest, active, enthusiastic, keen on foreign trade, wholeheartedly: patience / perseverance / confidence / carefulness / care / intention;

4, strong communication skills, good EQ, good at finding and mining customers, under pressure to work, a high sense of responsibility;

5, English level: six or more than four professional level; other languages can skilled, reach the level of the corresponding language.

6. platform: Alibaba / global resources, Canton Fair / Hongkong exhibition / overseas exhibition, and provide industry knowledge training and foreign trade training


Job description:
1, age 18-28 years old, technical secondary school or above, with valid electrician certificate;
2, mechanical and electrical integration related professional, more than 1 years of mechanical industry installation electrician work experience;

3, have a solid electrician basis, will see drawings, can independently assemble lines;

4, familiar with electrical control equipment maintenance, can bear hardships and stand hard work.